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Roads: In late 1980s, over 15,000 kilometers, 20 percent paved. Most important paved roads linked Asunción to Puerto Presidente Stroessner and Encarnación. Trans-Chaco Highway, 700 kilometers long, under construction.

Railroads: Outdated 367-kilometer passenger and cargo line between Asunción and Encarnación; also small cargo line near Brazilian border.

Ports: Ten ports, the most important being Asunción and Villeta. Brazilian ports of Santos and Paranaguá also handled substantial amount of Paraguayan goods via an overland route from Puerto Presidente Stroessner.

Airports: Only all-weather airports at Asunción, which handled all international flights, and Mariscal Estigarribia.

Telecommunications: Poor communications and domestic telephone services; adequate international service.

Data as of December 1988