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Armed Forces: Includes army, navy, and air force with total strength estimated at 19,500 in 1988. Army organized into three corps (eight infantry divisions and one cavalry division) and combat support, logistical support, and instructional commands. Also Presidential Escort Regiment under direct control of president. Navy organized into fleet units, naval aviation arm, marine battalion, and coast guard. Air force organized into three squadrons and one paratroop battalion.

Equipment: Ground forces armaments mostly obsolete United States equipment, but also included newer Brazilian armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Most of naval fleet antiquated. Air force's only combat airplanes eight Brazilian light counterinsurgency aircraft.

Police: Police force under administration of minister of interior; army officers held many key positions in police hierarchy. In 1988 over half of estimated 8,500 personnel assigned to Asunción.

Data as of December 1988