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Ports: Lima's port of Callao services most shipping. Of country's seventeen deep-water ports, most in northern Peru. Five main river ports.

Railroads: System totaled 1,884 kilometers in 1990 (1,584 kilometers of standard gauge and 300 kilometers of narrow gauge track).

Roads: System totaled 69,942 kilometers in 1991, including 7,459 kilometers of paved roads, 13,538 kilometers of gravel, and 48,945 kilometers of unimproved earth. Road maintenance haphazard and substandard, except for Pan American Highway and Trans-Andean Highway.

Airports: In 1991 Peru had 201 usable airports, 36 with permanent-surface runways. Jorge Chávez International Airport near Lima principal international airport.

Waterways: Totaled 8,600 kilometers of navigable tributaries of the Río Amazonas (Amazon system) and 208 kilometers of Lake Titicaca.

Telecommunications: Telephone system one of Latin America's least developed (544,000 telephones). Peru eliminated its telecommunications monopoly in November 1991 after concluding state companies had impeded modernization and hurt consumers, especially in rural areas. Broadcast stations included 273 AM, no FM, 140 TV, 144 shortwave.

Data as of September 1992