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Population: About 550,000 in early 1992, of which 66 percent Bahrainis; 1992 growth rate 3.1 percent.

Education: Almost all children in six- to eleven-year- old age-group enrolled in primary school system; about two-thirds of all twelve- to fourteen-year-olds enrolled in intermediate schools.

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Health: Free, comprehensive public health care system. Two private hospitals and one military hospital. Life expectancy for Bahraini children born in 1990 seventy years for males and seventy-five years for females.

Ethnic Groups: Most Bahrainis are Arabs, although fairly large number of Iranian origin. Foreign residents include other Arabs, Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis, and small groups of East Asians and Europeans.

Religion: Population 85 percent Muslim, including about 70 percent Shia and 30 percent Sunni. Non-Muslim foreigners include 7.3 percent Christians and 7.7 percent Hindus and others.

Data as of January 1993