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This edition supersedes the 1983 edition of Philippines: A Country Study, edited by Frederica M. Bunge. The authors wish to acknowledge their use and adaptation of information from that book in the preparation of this edition.

Various members of the staff of the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress assisted in the preparation of the book. Andrea M. Savada and Sandra W. Meditz made many helpful suggestions during their review of the book. Robert L. Worden also reviewed parts of the book and made numerous suggestions and points of clarification. Timothy Merrill reviewed the maps and geographical and telecommunications references in the book; David P. Cabitto prepared the artwork of the cover illustration and coordinated production of all maps and figures; Marilyn L. Majeska managed editing and production of the book; Andrea T. Merrill provided valuable assistance with tables and figures; Alberta J. King provided research and word processing assistance on parts of the book; and Barbara Edgerton and Izella Watson performed final word processing for the completed manuscript.

The editors owe a special debt of gratitude to the late Professor Charles W. Lindsey, who despite serious illness continued to provide valuable advice and assistance in the editing of his chapter on the Philippine economy.

Thanks also go to Ralph K. Benesch, who oversees the Country Studies--Area Handbook Program for the Department of the Army, and James Nach of the Department of State, who reviewed the text and also offered suggestions and points of clarification. In addition, the editor wishes to thank various members of the staff of the Embassy of the Philippines, Washington, especially Colonel Roberto P. Santiago and MacArthur Corsino.

Others who contributed to the publication of this book were Harriett R. Blood and the firm of Greenhorne and O'Mara, who assisted in the preparation of maps and charts; Catherine Schwartzstein, who performed the final prepublication review; Joan C. Cook, who prepared the index; Deanna D'Errico, who edited the individual chapters; and Linda Peterson of the Library of Congress Composing Unit, who prepared camera-ready copy under the direction of Peggy Pixley. Finally, the authors are especially grateful to individuals and organizations who donated photographs. They are acknowledged in the illustration captions.

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