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Government: Presidential form of government based on 1987 constitution with president and vice president elected separately by popular vote. Bicameral legislature (Congress: Senate--upper house; House of Representatives--lower house). President limited to one six-year term. Senators elected nationwide and limited to two consecutive six-year terms, representatives elected from 200 districts and limited to three consecutive three-year terms.

Politics: Numerous political parties. In 1992 main parties included PDP-LABAN, Lakas-NUCD, Nacionalista Party, and Liberal Party.

Administrative Divisions: 73 provinces and 61 chartered cities.

Judiciary: Civil law system heavily influenced by Spanish and Anglo-American law. Independent judiciary headed by Supreme Court, with anticorruption Sandiganbayan, Court of Tax Appeals, Intermediate Appellate Court, regional trial courts, and metropolitan and municipal courts.

Media: Freedom of expression constitutional right; about thirty daily newspapers in 1991.

Foreign Affairs: Diplomatic relations with virtually all countries of world. Member of international organizations, including Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Asian Development Bank, and United Nations and its affiliated agencies.

Data as of June 1991