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Armed Forces: Armed Forces of Philippines (AFP), with total active duty strength of 106,500 in late 1991: army 68,000, navy 23,000 (including 8,500 marines and 2,000 coast guard), and air force 15,500. Reserves totalled 128,000: army 100,000, navy 12,000, and air force 16,000.

Military Units: Six area unified commands, six naval districts, and thirteen air force squadrons.

Equipment: Army: light tanks, armored infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, towed howitzers, mortars, and recoilless rifles. Navy: frigates, patrol and coastal combatants, amphibious ships and craft, auxiliaries, and rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Air Force: fighters, reconnaissance aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, and training aircraft.

Military Budget: Approximately US$968.4 million in FY 1991.

Foreign Military Treaties: Mutual Defense Treaty Between the Republic of the Philippines and the United States of America (1951).

Insurgency: In 1992 New People's Army (NPA), military arm of Communist Party of the Philippines-Marxist Leninist a formidable threat, especially in Luzon; Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) potential threat in the south.

Police: Philippine Constabulary combined with Integrated National Police on January 1, 1991, to form Philippine National Police under newly created Department of Interior and Local Government.

Data as of June 1991