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Telecommunications and Postal Services

The Philippine telecommunication system in 1989 consisted of some fifty-five telephone companies, seven domestic record carriers, four international record carriers, and two satellite ground stations. Approximately 70 percent of the country's telephone lines were located in Metro Manila. In 1989 there were 4.7 telephones per 100 persons in Metro Manila but only 0.8 telephones per 100 persons in the country as a whole. The country had approximately 380 radio stations broadcasting to 4 million receivers in English and all the major Philippine dialects, and 42 television stations transmitting to 6 million receivers, mainly in Pilipino and English. The mail volume handled by the more than 2,000 post offices in the Philippines doubled from approximately 400 million pieces in 1979 to approximately 800 million pieces in 1988.

Data as of June 1991