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Transportation and Communications

Railroads: Railroad network amounted to about 3,600 kilometers in 1990, of which about 450 kilometers were electrified. Except for several small railroads owned by mining industry and Lisbon's subway system, all of Portugal railroad network operated by the state company, Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (CP).

Roads:Total road network amounted to about 73,660 kilometers, of which 61,000 surfaced (bituminous, gravel, and crushed stone); 140 kilometers limited-access divided highway.

Inland Waterways: 820 kilometers of navigable inland waterways; relatively unimportant to economy; used by shallowdraft craft limited to 300-metric-ton capacity.

Ports: Lisbon, Leixões, and Sines fully equipped with adequate warehousing facilities. Also important: Viano do Castelo, Aveira, Figueira, Setúbal, Portimão, Ponta Delgada (Azores), and Velas (Azores).

Civil Airports: 65 total, 62 usuable; 36 with permanent surface runways. Lisbon's Portela Airport, major European air terminal and transit point. International flights also scheduled to Porto, Faro, Santa Maria (Azores), São Miguel (Azores), and Funchal (Madeira).

Telecommunications: Generally adequate facilities. Integrated network of coaxial cables and microwave; numerous AM and FM radio stations; International Telecommunication Satillite Corporation (INTELSAT) and European Telecommunication Satillite Corporation (EUTELSAT) service.

Data as of January 1993