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Government: 1965 Constitution amended in 1974. Highly centralized and controlled by President Nicolae Ceausescu and his inner circle. Primary branches Grand National Assembly, State Council, Council of Ministers, judicial system.

Politics: Monopolized by Romanian Communist Party headed by General Secretary Ceausescu. Power concentrated in Political Executive Committee and its Permanent Bureau and in unique joint party-state agencies. Communists head all central government bodies and local people's councils.

Foreign Relations: Diplomatic relations with 125 countries and Palestine Liberation Organization. Most independent member of Warsaw Treaty Organization. Neutral throughout SinoSoviet dispute. Relations with West deteriorated in 1980s because of human rights record. Relationship with Hungary extremely tense.

International Agreements: Frequently uncooperative member of Warsaw Treaty Organization and Council for Mutual Economic Assistance; member of United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, World Health Organization, Group of 77. Signatory to Helsinki Accords; refused to abide by final document of Vienna Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, January 1989.

Data as of July 1989