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Government: Between 1979 and 1993 governed under single-party socialist system. New constitution approved in referendum June 1992; multiparty elections in July 1993 in which President René and Seychelles People's Progressive Front (SPPF) victorious. President selects cabinet. People's Assembly has twenty-two elected representatives from constituencies and eleven other members. SPPF holds twenty-seven seats, New Democratic Party of James Mancham five seats, and United Opposition Party (a coalition) one seat. Legal system consists of magistrates' courts, Supreme (or trial) Court, and Court of Appeal.

Politics: Various political parties of which government party, SPPF, holds clear majority.

Foreign Relations: Member of Commonwealth of Nations; has pragmatic foreign policy of "positive nonalignment." Member of Organization of African Unity, Indian Ocean Commission, and Nonaligned Movement.

Data as of August 1994