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Ports: Port of Singapore, world's busiest port in 1988, serves more than 36,000 ships per year. Five port terminals, each specializing in different type of cargo; fifteen kilometers of wharf; extensive warehouse and oil storage facilities. Singapore has fifteenth largest merchant fleet in world.

Railroads: Malayan Railways provides service to Singapore. Main station in central business district and line serving Jurong Industrial Estate. Major public transport 67- kilometer mass rapid transit system serving 800,000 passengers daily scheduled for completion in 1990.

Roads: 2,810 kilometers of roads in 1989, mostly paved; five expressways, totalling 95 kilometers, with total 141 kilometers by 1991.

Airports: Two major airports, Singapore Changi Airport for international flights and Seletar for charter and training flights, and three smaller fields.

Telecommunications: Excellent telecommunications facilities. Domestic telephone system with optical fiber network, 26 exchanges, and 48.5 telephones per 100 residents. Two satellite ground stations and submarine cable connections to neighboring countries.

Data as of December 1989