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The navy had one missile gunboat squadron, one patrol craft squadron, one amphibious transport squadron, and additional ships for minesweeping and support operations. The West German Lürssen model and the indigenously produced missile gunboats provided the navy with a limited, but effective, capability to patrol Singapore's international boundaries with Indonesia and Malaysia as well as the seaplane approaches to the island, which were vital to the nation's shipping interests. The six Lürssen-designed Sea Wolf fast-attack craft could, if necessary, conduct operations several hundred kilometers out to sea, and their Gabriel and Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles would be effective against enemy naval craft within a ninety kilometer range. They also were equipped with 57mm and 40mm guns. The six British Vosper Thornycraft, which were indigenously produced patrol craft, were effective for patrolling coastline and inlets. These vessels were equipped with 40mm and 20mm guns. The six landing ships that comprised the amphibious transport squadron could transport up to two fully equipped army battalions to landing areas in Singapore and neighboring countries. The age and slowness of these craft, however, would make them easy targets for hostile aircraft and naval vessels during wartime. Similarly, Singapore's two obsolescent minesweepers would be inadequate to clear all of the sea-lanes around Singapore should a hostile foreign power attempt to control the Strait of Malacca and other strategic channels in the area.

Data as of December 1989