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Uniforms and Insignia

In 1989 there were four categories of uniforms worn by all three services of the armed forces. The ceremonial uniform for officers consisted of a cap, white tunic, white shirt, trousers with service braids and color, black boots for the army and air force, and white shoes for the navy. The mess kit uniform was worn by sergeants and higher ranking NCOs for ceremonies. The basic work and parade uniform was a white shirt worn with the appropriate trousers: olive drab for the army; light blue for the air force; and dark blue for the navy. Air Force, navy, and army personnel assigned to armored units were issued a one-piece jump suit as a second work uniform. The combat uniform for army officers and enlisted personnel included camouflage fatigues with a helmet and black boots. Uniforms for women included skirts for ceremonies and work but otherwise were similar to those provided for male personnel.

Rank insignia were standardized for all three services, except that the air force used silver whereas the army and navy used gold. Generals in the army and air force and commodores in the navy wore one, two, or three stars. Field grade officers wore the appropriate number of crests on shoulder tabs. Enlisted personnel wore chevrons, in their service color, on both sleeves (see fig. 15).

Data as of December 1989