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Armed Forces: As of January 1991, Somali National Army and all related military and security forces disbanded; indeterminate elements reconstituted as clan militias and irregular regional forces.

Major Tactical Units: Until January 1991, Army ground forces organized into twelve divisions composed of four tank brigades, forty-five mechanized and infantry brigades, four commando brigades, one surface-to-air missile brigade, three field artillery brigades, thirty field battalions, and one air defense battalion. Poor serviceability of obsolete equipment of Soviet and United States origin. Somali Air Force organized into three fighter ground attack squadrons; three fighter squadrons; one counterinsurgency squadron; one transport squadron; and one helicopter squadron. None believed to be operational in 1992. Small, poorly equipped naval force not believed to be operational.

Major Military Suppliers: Exclusively supplied by Soviet Union until 1977 when Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation was terminated. Subsequently Somalia improved relations with United States and received average of US$36 to $US40 million per year of United States military assistance between 1983 and 1986. Levels of military aid during 1980s insufficient to avert deterioration and collapse of Somali armed forces by 1991.

Military Costs: Military expenditures totaled about US$44.5 million annually for 1980-90 decade. Military procurement supported largely by foreign financial assistance and military aid.

Paramilitary and Internal Security Forces: Somali Police Force, People's Militia, and National Security Service disbanded as of January 1991.