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South Korea


Armed Forces: Active-duty personnel 650,000 (June 1989). Component services: army, 575,000 (including 25,000 marines); air force, 40,000; navy, 35,000. Reserve forces about 1.2 million in 1990. Compulsory service in army, navy, and air force, thirty to thirty-six months.

Combat Units and Major Equipment: Ground Forces: three army headquarters; equipment inventory includes 1,560 tanks and 1,550 armored personnel carriers, 12 surface-to-surface missiles. Air Force: includes twenty-two ground attack/intercept squadrons and one reconnaissance squadron; inventory includes 500 combat aircraft. Navy: three fleet commands, one aviation command, one amphibious command with minisubmarines, destroyers, frigates, missile-attack craft, minesweepers, patrol boats, and amphibious craft.

Military Budget: 5 percent GNP, US$10 billion, 1989 estimate.

Military Production: Domestic defense industry begun in early 1970s provides approximately 70 percent of weapons, ammunition, communication and other equipment, vehicles, clothing, and other supplies to armed forces.

Internal Security Forces: Agency for National Security Planning (ANSP), Defense Security Command, Korean National Police collect domestic intelligence. Korean National Police strength 130,000 in 1989.

Foreign Military Treaties: Signatory to Republic of Korea-United States of America Mutual Defense Treaty (1954).

Data as of June 1990