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The authors wish to acknowledge the contributions that numerous persons made to the preparation of Soviet Union: A Country Study. Many past and present members of the Federal Research Division contributed to the preparation of the manuscript. Richard F. Nyrop furnished expert guidance on the composition and writing of the book and reviewed drafts of all the chapters. Sandra W. Meditz reviewed portions of the text and graphics and served as liaison with Ralph K. Benesch, who oversees the Country Studies-- Area Handbook Program for the Department of the Army. Stephen R. Burant deserves special thanks because, after writing one chapter and coauthoring another, he provided substantive editing and rewriting of several other chapters. Special thanks are also due Helen R. Fedor, who reviewed bibliographies, regularized spellings, and prepared the Glossary, which was initially compiled by Pamela J. Perry and subsequently added to by Ihor Y. Gawdiak and Walter R. Iwaskiw. Ihor Y. Gawdiak revised Appendix C and, together with Glenn E. Curtis, revised Appendix B. Walter R. Iwaskiw prepared the map drafts with expert guidance from Carolina E. Forrester and Susan M. Lender and coordinated the subsequent work on the maps. The late Anthony S. Beliajeff prepared the Chronology. Sara C. Arason compiled the charts and tables from the authors' data and provided other assistance. Carol A. Corrigan and Rosette Konick helped select and organize the photographs and wrote captions for many of them and for the illustrations. Elizabeth A. Yates typed some of the chapters from handwritten manuscripts and assisted in many other details deserving of special thanks. Invaluable graphics support was provided by David P. Cabitto, who also prepared the final maps. He was assisted by Sandra K. Ferrell and Kimberly A. Lord; the latter artist drew the cover and chapter illustrations for the book. Helen C. Metz helped write the description of Islam contained in Chapter 4, and Stanley M. Sciora furnished detailed information on the uniforms and rank insignia of the Soviet armed forces. Finally, special thanks are given to Martha E. Hopkins and Marilyn L. Majeska, who managed the book's editing and production.

The following individuals are gratefully acknowledged as well: Mimi Cantwell, Sharon Costello, Barbara Dash, Deanna D'Errico, Vince Ercolano, Barbara Harrison, Martha E. Hopkins, Patricia Molella, Ruth Nieland, Evan Raynes, Gage Ricard, Sharon Schultz, and Mary Wild, for editing the chapters; Barbara Edgerton and Izella Watson for word processing; Andrea T. Merrill for performing the final prepublication editorial review; Joan Cook for preparing the index.

The authors also wish to note the significant contributions of persons not on the staff of the Federal Research Division. Jimmy Pritchard furnished the vast majority of the photographs used in this volume, including some taken expressly for the study. David M. Goldfrank wrote the portion of Chapter 1 that deals with Russian history from 1855 to 1917 and reviewed all of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Paul Goble provided commentary on Soviet nationalities, and Graham Vernon reviewed Chapters 17 and Chapter 18.

Data as of May 1989