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Roads: In 1994 estimated at 92,200 kilometers, including 61,000 kilometers of paved surfaces.

Railroads: In 1993 estimated at 5,488 kilometers.

Airports: In 1993, 124 airports, of which only fiftyfive usable and only thirty-one with permanent-surface runways. Two airports in Minsk, one for international flights and one for domestic flights.

Inland Waterways: Extensive and widely used canal and river systems, especially Dnyapro River and its tributaries and Dnyaprowska-Buhski Canal connecting Buh and Prypyats' rivers. Homyel', Babruysk, Barysaw, and Pinsk major river ports. In 1991 some 800,000 passengers and 18.6 million tons of freight carried. No direct access to sea, but relatively close to Baltic Sea ports. Agreement with Poland to use port of Gdynia.

Telecommunications: In 1994 five television channels: two Belarusian (one state-owned, one private) and three Russian. No cable service available. More than thirty AM radio stations in twenty cities, and twelve FM radio stations in twelve cities.

Data as of June 1995