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Armed Forces: Armed forces under Ministry of Defense. In 1994 totaled approximately 80,100: ground forces (52,500) and air force (27,600, including air defense). No navy. Reserves of 289,500 (those who had had military service in previous five years). In accordance with stated goal of becoming a neutral state, reduced number of troops by 60 percent from 243,000 in 1993 to 96,000 in 1995; plans for further reduction.

Major Military Units: In 1994 ground forces consisted of three corps headquarters, two motor divisions, one airborne division, one artillery division, three mechanized divisions, one airborne brigade, three surface-to-surface missile brigades, two antitank brigades, one special duties brigade, and seven surfaceto -air missile brigades. Air force consisted of two interceptor regiments, three strike regiments, one reconnaissance regiment, four regiments with 300 helicopters, and one transport regiment with over forty helicopters.

Military Equipment:

Internal Security: Border Guards (8,000 in 1995) under control of Ministry of Interior. Local assets of former Soviet KGB transferred to new government. Name retained.

Russian Troops: In 1993 about 40,000 troops of Russian air force. Scheduled to leave in 1995, but not likely to do so. Russian troops tending remaining strategic nuclear weapons to remain stationed in Belarus until 2020.

Data as of June 1995