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In addition to the nationalities discussed in the preceding pages, many other nationalities with populations of fewer than 1 million have been recognized by Soviet authorities. Several of the larger nationalities not previously mentioned had autonomous republics of their own: the Buryat, the Yakut, the Ossetian, the Komi, the Tuvinian, the Kalmyk, and the Karelian nationalities. Also, two pairs of nationalities, the Chechen-Ingush and the Kabardian-Balkar, each shared an autonomous republic. About eighteen nationalities lived either in autonomous oblasts or in autonomous okruga. All of these nationalities resided in the Russian Republic. In many cases, Russians had either a majority or a plurality of the population in these autonomous territorial units. Numerous other nationalities without an administrative territory of their own lived scattered throughout the Soviet Union, generally in the Russian Republic.

Data as of May 1989