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Friendship and Cooperation Treaties

In the early 1970s, the Soviet Union began to formalize relations with several Third World states through the signing of friendship and cooperation treaties (see table 29, Appendix A). These treaties were aimed at regularizing economic, political, and military contacts between the Soviet Union and Third World states over extended periods (usually twenty years). Third World regimes signed these treaties to obtain help in the consolidation of their rule or to secure advantage over or protection from regional opponents. All the treaties contained military cooperation provisions or provisions calling for "mutual consultations" in case of security threats to either party. The Soviet Union proffered these treaties in order to consolidate and build on existing relations in the context of an overarching agreement. The Soviet goal has been to encourage close, long-term relations with the Soviet Union. These relations have included military cooperation and the establishment of Soviet military facilities in some Third World states.

Data as of May 1989