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The Location of the Machine-Building Industry

Traditionally, the Soviet machine-building industries have been centered in the European part of the Soviet Union; large plants are located in Moscow, Leningrad, Khar'kov, Minsk, Gor'kiy, Saratov, and in cities in the Urals. In the 1980s, the industry was gradually adding major centers in the Kazakh Republic and other areas in Soviet Central Asia, Siberia, and the Soviet Far East. The instrumen- building sector was more dispersed and had centers in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Voronezh, Orel, Ryazan', Kazan', Gor'kiy, Riga, Minsk, Tbilisi, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, and Frunze. Agricultural machines were produced near major crop areas. Examples of this concentration were Khar'kov in the Ukrainian Republic; Minsk in the Belorussian Republic; Lipetsk, Vladimir, Volgograd. and Chelyabinsk in the western Russian Republic; the Altai region in the eastern Russian Republic; and Pavlodar in the Kazakh Republic. Because low crop yield has been a chronic problem, the agricultural equipment industry has emphasized large mechanized tractor and harvester units that can cover vast, low-yield tracts economically.

Data as of May 1989