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Other New Construction

Important new railroad construction was under way in the Arctic regions, Siberia, the Far East, and the Caucasus. Thus, the Urengoy-Yamburg rail line was being built to serve the Yamburg natural gas deposits north of Urengoy. In the Pechora River area, a line from the town of Synia, on the Moscow-Vorkuta road, was being extended about 120 kilometers to the Usinsk oil fields. Plans were made for a 540-kilometer spur from Labytnangi, southeast of Vorkuta, to the gas fields at Bolvanskiy Nos on the Yamal Peninsula. The project has been hampered by summer thaws. Engineers laying the rail line resolved the problem by insulating the strips of marsh along the track, thus keeping them in a continuous state of permafrost. In the Caucasus area, a new electrified line, almost 200 kilometers long, was planned from Tbilisi through the Caucasus Mountains to Ordzhonikidze. Plans called for the Caucasus Mountain Pass Railroad to shorten by 960 kilometers the distance for trains from Tbilisi to Ordzhonikidze via Armavir. Several tunnels, totaling forty-two kilometers, and numerous bridges have been planned. Originally scheduled for completion by the year 2000, the project was being stalled in 1989 by environmental groups.

A 450-kilometer rail line from Makat, in the Kazakh Republic, to Aleksandrov Gay, in Saratovskaya Oblast in the Russian Republic, was started in 1984 and was nearing completion in 1989. It was projected to cut over 1,000 kilometers from the route between Central Asia and Moscow.

Data as of May 1989