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Decisions about the financing of Soviet science and technology involved many of the same high-level party and government organs involved in the policy-making and planning processes. One aspect of these processes has been the determination of resources to be allocated to specific science and technology programs. That determination has been made by the CPSU Politburo, the Council of Ministers, GKNT, and the Academy of Sciences. The Ministry of Finance has made specific science and technology allocations in accordance with approved plans. The State Bank (Gosudarstvennyi bank--Gosbank) has issued credit for science and technology development projects.

Several other organizations were involved in the administration of Soviet science and technology. The State Committee for Material and Technical Supply (Gosudarstvennyi komitet po material'no- tekhnicheskomu snabzheniiu--Gossnab) was responsible for supplying science and technology organizations with needed equipment and instruments. The State Committee for Labor and Social Problems (Gosudarstvennyi komitet po trudu i sotsial'nym voprosam-- Goskomtrud) was concerned with labor and wage issues. The State Committee for Standards (Gosudarstvennyi komitet po standartam-- Gosstandart) assigned and directed the development of nationwide technical and economic standards. It approved new standards and oversaw the adherence of science and technology organizations to the standards. The State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries (Gosudarstvennyi komitet po delam izobretenie i otkrytii-- Goskomizobretenie) maintained a state registry of inventions and discoveries, and it issued authors' certificates and patents. The All-Union Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (Vsesoiuznyi institut nauchnoi i tekhnicheskoi informatsii--VINITI) functioned as an information center containing abstracts of worldwide scientific and technical literature.

Data as of May 1989