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Main Military Council

The Main Military Council was made up of the top leadership of the Ministry of Defense. The minister of defense was its chairman. The three first deputy ministers of defense, the eleven deputy ministers of defense, and the chief of the Main Political Directorate of the Soviet Army and Navy were members of the Main Military Council.

In peacetime the Main Military Council has been responsible for the training, readiness status, and mobilization of the armed forces. It coordinated the activities of the five armed services and resolved interservice disputes over the allocation of roles and missions, material resources, and manpower. The Main Military Council also presented the Defense Council with the economic and budgetary requirements of the armed forces, based on the force structure proposed by the General Staff and the armed services.

In wartime the Main Military Council would become the headquarters (stavka) of the Supreme High Command (Verkhovnoe glavnokomandovanie--VGK) of the armed forces. The Main Military Council would then report through the minister of defense to the supreme commander in chief and the Defense Council. The Supreme High Command would control military operations through the General Staff and subordinate commands.

Data as of May 1989