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Roads: In 1985 over 25,000 kilometers of roads, 18,000 of which were paved. Main areas linked, but network required continuous and intensive development.

Railroads: 2,013 kilometers in 1984. Standard gauge (1,686 kilometers) crossed northern part of country from coast to Iraq border in northeast (via Aleppo). Narrow gauge in southwest served Damascus with tracks into Lebanon and Jordan.

Ports: Tartus most important--8.8 million tons of cargo in 1984. Also served as country's crude oil export terminal. Latakia handled 1.7 million tons of cargo in 1984. Baniyas was oil port and site of large refinery.

Pipelines: Two international crude-oil pipelines, one from Iraq and one from Saudi Arabia, both terminating in Lebanon. Domestic crude-oil pipeline from oil fields in northeast to port of Tartus via Homs (refinery). Three lines for petroleum products from Homs refinery to Damascus, Aleppo, and Latakia.

Communications: Good domestic and international telecommunications service.

Data as of April 1987