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Armed Forces: In 1985 army, 396,000 regulars (300,000 reserves); Navy, 4,000 regulars (2,500 reserves); and air force, 100,000 regulars (37,500 reserves). Compulsory thirty-month conscription for males.

Combat Units and Major Equipment: In 1985, army consisted of five armored divisions (with one independent armored brigade), three mechanized divisions, one infantry-special forces division, and ten airborne-special forces independent brigades; weapons included over 4,100 Soviet-built tanks and 95 surface-to- air missile (SAM) batteries. Navy weapons included forty-one vessels, including two or three Soviet submarines and twenty-two missile attack craft. Air force weapons included 650 combat aircraft in 9 fighter and 15 interceptor squadrons.

Military Budget: In 1985 equivalent of US$4.2 billion. Approximately 21.1 percent of GNP; 42 percent of government expenditures. In 1986 about US$3.7 billion for national security, including armed forces and internal security agencies.

Police and Internal Security Agencies: Single national police force for routine duties. Numerous internal security forces under umbrella of National Security Directorate. Sizes unknown.

Data as of April 1987