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Political Parties: Albanian Party of Labor (APL), the communist party, became the Socialist Party of Albania in 1991. Other parties allowed to form December 1990, resulting in Albanian Democratic Party, Republican Party, Ecology Party, OMONIA (Unity--Greek minority party).

Government: Until April 1991 single-chamber People's Assembly with 250 deputies met only a few days each year; decisions made by the Presidium of the People's Assembly whose president is head of state, and Council of Ministers; from April 1991, interim constitution provided for president who could not hold other offices concurrently; People's Assembly with at least 140 members was the legislative, Council of Ministers was top executive organ.

Ministries: As of November 1992: agriculture and food; culture, youth and sport; defense; education; finances and economy; foreign affairs; foreign economic trade relations; health and environmental protection; industry, mining, and energy resources; justice; labor, emigration, social welfare, and the politically persecuted; public order; tourism; and transport and communication.

Administrative Divisions: Country is divided into twenty-six districts each under a People's Council elected every three years.

Judicial System: Supreme Court, elected by People's Assembly, also district and regional courts.

Flag: Black, two-headed eagle centered on a red field.

Data as of April 1992