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Roads: Total of 27,000 kilometers, 6,000 all-weather, 1,800 paved. All areas of country accessible by road; condition of roads poor. Road repair government priority.

Railroads: Total of 1,240 kilometers, in state of severe disrepair. Chief transport link with Indian Ocean ports. Rehabilitation underway in late 1980s.

Civil Aviation: Five airports with paved runways, major one at Entebbe. Little domestic or international service by Uganda Airlines in late 1980s. Complete reorganization and rebuilding in process.

Ports: Two inland ports, Jinja and Port Bell, both on Lake Victoria.

Telecommunications: 61,600 telephones, 9 television stations, 10 AM radio stations; radio-relay systems for longdistance surface communications; international service via Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean International Telecommunications Satellite Corporation (Intelsat) links.

Data as of December 1990