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Armed Forces: No official figures available, but strength of National Resistance Army (NRA) estimated at 70,000. Recruitment voluntary; no fixed term of service, both men and women serve.

Defense Spending: About Ush6.9 billion, or US$40.68 million, in FY 1989. Consumes 35 percent or more of national budget.

Military Organization: Information on organization and composition not officially available. Combat units: six brigades, several battalions, and Police Air Wing.

Major Military Suppliers: Britain (training), Tanzania (training), Libya (training and equipment), Soviet Union (equipment), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) (training and equipment), United States (training).

Security Forces: In 1986 NRA assumed responsibility for internal security. Police force reorganized and together with other internal security organs began to enforce law and order in all districts except those experiencing rebel activity in late 1989. Controlled by Ministry of Internal Affairs. In late 1980s, receiving training from Britain, France, and North Korea. Numbered 20,000 by early 1991.

Data as of December 1990