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Roads: One of best highway systems in Latin America. In 1989 about 50,000 kilometers total, including 6,800 kilometers paved roads, 3,000 kilometers gravel roads, and over 40,200 kilometers dirt roads.

Railroads: One of best rail systems in Latin America (but passenger service discontinued in 1988 because of declining ridership). In 1989 about 3,000 kilometers total, all 1.435-meter standard gauge and government owned.

Ports: Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia, Fray Bentos, Paysand˙, and Salto principal ports.

Airports: Two international airports (Montevideo and Punte del Este) and fourteen other primarily commercial airports with permanent-surface runways.

Telecommunications: Most modern facilities concentrated in Montevideo. New nationwide radio relay network. Total telephones in 1990 over 345,000 (highest per capita in South America). In 1990 ninety-nine AM (ten of them shortwave) radio stations, twenty-six television stations, and two satellite earth stations.

Data as of December 1990