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Armed Forces: Total strength in 1991 estimated at 22,900: army, 16,000; navy, 3,500; and air force, 3,400.

Organization: Country divided into four military regions headquartered in Montevideo (I), San JosÚ (II), Paso de los Toros (III), and Maldonado (IV). Each military region headquarters hosted one of four administrative army corps headquarters. Montevideo's First Corps traditionally most powerful of army's main command elements. Army had one independent infantry brigade, fifteen infantry battalions, six engineer battalions, six artillery battalions, and ten cavalry battalions. Navy organized into one fleet command divided into one escort division and one patrol division. Navy also commanded naval air, coast guard, marines, and National Maritime Police. Air force organized into tactical, training, and matÚriel commands, principally Tactical Air Command.

Equipment: Services had mostly obsolete United States equipment in 1991. Army had sixty-seven United States-made light tanks; armored vehicles from Belgium, Brazil, United States, and Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany); and Swedish-, Argentine-, and United States-made artillery pieces. Navy's former United States equipment included one frigate, one destroyer escort, one corvette, and two large patrol craft. French-made equipment included three frigates and three large patrol craft. Fleet included one minesweeper, five amphibious landing craft, and one training vessel. Air force had thirtythree combat aircraft (seven of them trainers).

Police: Total strength in 1990 estimated at 17,500. About 40 percent of police assigned to urban areas (with at least 20 percent in Montevideo). National Police subordinate to Ministry of the Interior and organized into four operating agencies: Montevideo Police, Interior Police, National Traffic Police, and National Corps of Firemen. Two police paramilitary organizations--Republican Guard and Metropolitan Guard--assigned to capital area for ceremonial and guard or riot-control duties, respectively.

Data as of December 1990