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Transportation and Telecommunications

Highways: About 67,000 kilometers paved. Three major roads connect Tashkent and Termiz, Samarqand and Chärjew, and Tashkent and Quqon, respectively. Fergana Ring serves industries of the northeast. Highways carry about 25 percent of freight traffic.

Railroads: About 3,500 kilometers of track, much needing repair, carry about 75 percent of freight traffic. Main line Transcaspian Railroad connecting Tashkent with Amu Darya.

Civil Aviation: Nine airports, of which four accommodate international flights. Largest airport, at Tashkent, a hub linking Central Asia with Western Europe and United States.

Inland Waterways: Steamship travel on Amu Darya reduced because of low water levels.

Ports: None.

Pipelines: In 1992, 325 kilometers of oil pipeline, 2,470 kilometers of natural gas pipeline.

Telecommunications: Telephone service available to 7 percent of population in 1994. Much outmoded equipment remains in service; system expansion slow. Satellite television broadcasts in some regions. Radio and television controlled by Ministry of Communications.

Data as of March 1996