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Armed Forces: Royal Bhutan Army numbered about 6,000 in 1990.

Military Units and Equipment: Four operational wings headquartered in Changju, Damthang, Goinchawa, and Yonphula; each organized into companies, platoons, and sections. Airport security unit at Paro. Royal Body Guards--elite V.I.P. protection unit--some members with counterinsurgency training. Modern small arms; obsolescent Indian-supplied equipment.

Military Budget: Unknown.

Foreign Military Relations: India de facto protector, weapons supplier, and provider of advanced training.

Paramilitary: Village security long-standing tradition. Modern militia controlled by central government. Universal militia training by Royal Bhutan Army instituted 1989. Uniformed Forest Guards trained by Royal Bhutan Army to protect forests and support border security.

Police Forces: Royal Bhutan Police, subordinate to Royal Bhutan Army, headquarters in each district and subdistrict. Provide border security.

Data as of September 1991