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Roads: In 1988 approximately 76,600 kilometers--34 percent paved (highest percentage in Latin America), 32 percent gravel. Roads primary means of transportation for both passengers and cargo.

Railroads: In 1988 only 400 kilometers carried 240,000 passengers and freight over two major routes. Main passenger route from Barquisimeto to Puerto Cabello.

Ports: La Guaira, in metropolitan Caracas, leading port. Other major ports included Puerto Cabello and Maracaibo. Other seaports generally served particular industries.

Airports: Eleven international airports and some thirty-six domestic airports. Major airport Maiquetía international outside Caracas.

Telecommunications: About 180 radio stations and 5 television stations in 1988. Approximately 2.8 million television sets. About 1.8 million telephone lines served 1.4 million subscribers in 1988. Because of inadequate telephone service, some utilities, oil companies, and the military maintained their own systems.

Data as of December 1990