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Uniforms, Ranks, and Insignia

Officers of the four services had a series of uniforms, including full dress, dress, parade, garrison, work, and field uniforms (the last four assigned to all ranks). White and beige cotton uniforms were authorized for summer wear. The army winter garrison uniform was dark green, the navy midnight blue, and the air force light blue. Cap covers for all navy uniforms were white. Cadet uniforms were distinctive; their parade uniforms consisted of white trousers and a single-breasted, high-collar shirt, light grey for the Military Academy and dark blue for the others. Cadets at the military, naval, and air force academies wore service caps; cadets at the FAC Officers Training School wore shakos similar to those of the United States Military Academy.

The FAN had nine officer ranks: three general, three field grade, and three company grade. Ranks from second lieutenant through lieutenant colonel were conferred directly by the president. Above that level promotions required the approval of the Senate. There were seven enlisted ranks and also eight cadet ranks.

Army officer rank insignia were silver for officers up to and including captain, gold for higher ranks. All insignia were worn on gold shoulder boards. Navy officer rank insignia were rendered in gold on black shoulder boards. Air force officer insignia were silver up through captain and gold for higher ranks, worn on a blue shoulder board (see fig. 11, Officer Ranks and Insignia, 1990). Enlisted rank insignia consisted of chevrons worn on the sleeve: red with black or gold markings for the army; blue with black or gold markings for the air force; and black with blue, red, or gold markings for the navy (see fig. 12).

Data as of December 1990