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International Organizations

Vietnam was admitted to the UN in September 1977 and gained membership in some of the organization's specialized agencies, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Bank (see Glossary), the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Monetary Fund (see Glossary), the UN Development Program, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, the World Health Organization, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Hanoi also successfully claimed the seat formerly occupied by South Vietnam in the Asian Development Bank (see Glossary). In the 1980s, it was a member of the Colombo Plan (see Glossary), the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, INTELSAT (see Glossary), and the Mekong Development Project Committee and actively participated in the Nonaligned Movement (see Glossary) and the Group of 77 (see Glossary).

Data as of December 1987