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The authors are indebted to numerous individuals and organizations who gave their time, research materials, advice, and expertise on Yugoslav affairs to provide data, perspective, and material support for this volume.

The work of Steven L. Burg and Robert E. Bartos, authors of the Government and Politics and National Security chapters, respectively, of the previous edition of the Yugoslavia area handbook, supplied vital foundation material to the new authors of those chapters. Thanks also go to the Embassy of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav National Tourist Office (New York) for supplying the editor with a large number of photographs from which to choose. The expert photography of Charles Sudetic and Sam and Sarah Stulberg has added timely and picturesque images of Yugoslavia. And, in the final stages of updating current events in Yugoslavia, the firsthand insights of Paul Pajic of the Library of Congress were invaluable.

Thanks also go to Ralph K. Benesch, who oversees the Country Studies--Area Handbook Program for the Department of the Army. In addition the authors appreciate the advice and guidance of Sandra W. Meditz, Federal Research Division coordinator of the handbook series. Special thanks also go to Marilyn L. Majeska, who managed editing and production, assisted by Andrea T. Merrill; to Kimberly Lord, who designed the book cover; to Carlyn Dawn Anderson, who designed the illustrations on the title page of each chapter; to David P. Cabitto, who provided graphics support and, together with Harriett R. Blood and the firm of Greenhorne and O'Mara, prepared maps; and to Tim Merrill, who compiled geographic data. The following individuals are gratefully acknowledged as well: Sharon Costello, who edited the chapters; and Barbara Edgerton and Izella Watson, who did word processing. Cissie Coy performed the final prepublication editorial review; Joan C. Cook compiled the index; the Printing and Processing Section, Library of Congress, prepared the cameraready copy, under the supervision of Peggy Pixley.

Data as of December 1990