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Production of chemical fertilizers, rubber, plastics, ammonia, liquefied gas, coke, and petroleum byproducts was vital to Yugoslav self-sufficiency in the 1980s. The large petrochemical and oil-refining facility built by Dow Chemical on the north Adriatic island of Krk became the chief Yugoslav petroleum processing plant. Although Yugoslavia had little prospect of independence from foreign oil suppliers, the Krk plant enhanced its independence at the petrochemical processing stage. Other major petrochemical and chemical facilities included the Chemical Industry at Pancevo, the Petroleum Industry of Zagreb, and the Chemical Production Industry at Prahovo (eastern Serbia). The main customers for Yugoslav chemicals and petrochemicals in the late 1980s were the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, with some sales to Britain, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the United States.

Data as of December 1990