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Warship Visits

Warships from the Soviet Union and the United States made occasional port calls in Yugoslavia, but such visits sometimes aroused controversy. After an incident involving the United States aircraft carrier Saratoga in 1987, Yugoslavia amended its federal law to prohibit foreign warships using nuclear power or carrying nuclear weapons from entering its territorial waters. The revised law also placed new restrictions on foreign port calls, limiting foreign countries to four formal visits of ten days or less each year. No more than three combat and two auxiliary ships of the same nation were allowed to enter Yugoslav waters during a six-month period. Maximum displacements for visiting ships were also set at 10,000 tons for combatants and 4,000 tons for submarines and auxiliary vessels. The carefully worded new law aimed visitation limits at the Mediterranean Squadron of the Soviet Navy, displacement limits at the United States Navy's Sixth Fleet.

Data as of December 1990