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Uniforms, Ranks, and Insignia


Figure 12. Officer Ranks and Insignia, 1993


Figure 13. Enlisted Ranks and Insignia, 1993

The uniforms and rank structure of the FAZ bear the mark of Belgian influence but also show evidence of long United States and French involvement with Zaire. Soldiers often wear fatigue uniforms, solid green in color or in a camouflage pattern. While dressed in fatigues, army personnel wear berets, the color of which denotes the branch of service. Personnel also wear combat boots and web or cartridge belts with this uniform.

Service uniforms are similar to those worn in the United States and several other countries. Army personnel wear a dark green uniform, the air force a light blue, the navy a dark blue, and the gendarmerie a forest green. Service uniforms are high collared and worn with visored caps, scarves rather than neckties, and lowquarter shoes. Officer rank insignia are worn on shoulder boards, enlisted rank insignia on the upper-left sleeve (see fig. 12; fig. 13).

Data as of December 1993