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Zaire as a Military Aid Donor

In addition to receiving military assistance from numerous countries, Zaire aided other African countries, often in support of Western interests. Zaire's relationship with Chad was preeminent in this respect. In 1983 President Mobutu sent approximately 3,000 troops to Chad to help Chadian president Hissein Habré stop a Libyan-backed rebel offensive. France and the United States also aided Habré. Several Chadian commando battalions were trained at the Zairian Commando Training Center and Chadian officers trained at Zaire's Armor Training School. In September 1986, Zaire sent two airborne companies to Togo to help Togolese president Gnassingbe Eyadéma stabilize his capital city after an attempted coup, and in late 1990 Mobutu sent elements of the DSP to help neighboring Rwanda fight an insurgency. Zaire also provided training at its Armor Training School for students from several other African countries.

Data as of December 1993