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The Coordination of High-Level Personnel Training

Another important agency involved in science and technology is the Council for Advanced Professional Training (Fundação Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior--CAPES) at the Ministry of Education. The CAPES provides fellowships for graduate education in Brazil and abroad and for several years has run a peer-reviewed evaluation system for the country's graduate programs. The fellowship program is divided into two parts: one responds to individual applications and the other to the Faculty Improvement Integrated Program (Programa Integrado de Capacitação de Docentes--PICD) (see table 34, Appendix). The CAPES also has administered some FNDCT grants.

Other Activities by the Federal Government

Together, the CNPq, CAPES, and Finep are responsible for the administration of the World Bank-supported PADCT program, under the coordination of the Ministry of Sciene and Technology. Generally, the agencies under the ministry do not handle more than a third of the country's total science and technology federal budget, with another third going to projects in the military sector (see table 35, Appendix). Another major agency is the Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Research Enterprise (Embrapa), which has a budget equivalent to that of the CNPq. The traditional Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro remains an important research institution in public health and related fields.

Data as of April 1997