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Armed Forces: In 1987 consisted of army of 28,000, air force of fewer than 200, and Presidential Guard of 3,600. Conscription for periods of one year or longer imposed erratically.

Military Units: Main army units included 3 operational infantry battalions and 127 infantry companies, with roughly 400 soldiers in each battalion and 100 to 150 in each company. Armored fighting vehicles organized into separate squadrons. Air force had no combat aircraft. Small inventory of aircraft provided marginal transport, reconnaissance, and counterinsurgency capabilities. Country divided into twelve military zones, plus separate military region in north.

Foreign Military Assistance: France traditional supplier of arms, matériel, and training. Since 1983 French aid supplemented by matériel and equipment from United States. Vast quantities of Libyan weaponry, aircraft, and vehicles--mostly of Soviet manufacture--captured in battle during 1987, some of which incorporated into Chadian stocks.

Defense Expenditures: According to Chadian government figures, defense costs were CFA F8.4 billion in 1986, or about 35 percent of annual government budget. Actual spending believed to be much higher, and official figure did not include all French contributions toward military expenses.

Internal Security Forces: National Security Police, known as Sűreté, served as national police force and municipal police in major towns. Security in rural areas performed by Territorial Military Police. Regular military police functions and rear area and route security carried out by National Military Police. Presidential Guard also assumed many internal security responsibilities.

Data as of December 1988