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Air Transport

Chad was regularly served by two international air carriers in 1987, Air Afrique and the French-owned Air Transport Union (Union des Transports Aérienne--UTA). These carriers shared four flights weekly through Chad's only international airport, at N'Djamena, with connections to Paris twice weekly and also south to Bangui and Brazzaville twice weekly. N'Djamena's airport was capable of receiving the largest aircraft, including Boeing 747 and Airbus passenger airplanes used by the two carriers, and giant cargo aircraft such as the C-5A used in military supply. The airport was rehabilitated after armed hostilities in 1980 and 1981 destroyed all control and support facilities. Rehabilitation included widening and extending the runway. Other smaller regional carriers handled traffic to Khartoum (Air Sudan) and to Douala (Cameroon Airlines). Chad's own airline, Air Tchad, served internal routes to Abéché, Sarh, and Moundou and to other points on an occasional basis. In 1987 Air Tchad was equipped with a nineteen-seat Twin Otter and a forty-four-seat Fokker 27. Internal traffic also was served by several small four- to six-passenger aircraft owned privately or by international organizations. In addition to the airport at N'Djamena, smaller fields at Abéché, Sarh, and Moundou were capable of receiving small jet traffic and propeller aircraft. Small dirt strips were also located in several towns throughout the country.

Data as of December 1988