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Chad's telecommunications system was one of the least developed in Africa. International telecommunications were conducted by the parastatal International Telecommunications Company of Chad (Société de Télécommunications Internationales du Tchad--STIT) under the responsibility of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Telephone and telex service between Paris and N'Djamena assured communications with the international community. No direct links, however, existed in 1986 between Chad and its African neighbors; all telecommunications passed via Paris. Some internal telephone service connected Abéché, Moundou, Sarh, and N'Djamena. The only means of internal communications was by shortwave radio. Postal service via air between Paris and N'Djamena existed. However, postal service beyond the capital, except to Moundou and Sarh, was limited. In 1987 international mail had to be delivered to the central post office in the capital a day before the next scheduled flight to Paris to assure delivery. Mail arriving in N'Djamena was posted to boxes at the central post office for pickup by box owners. No delivery was available to residences or business, all official addresses in the capital being post office boxes.

Data as of December 1988