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Air Force

FACh uniforms closely resemble those of the United States Air Force, although they are of a slightly darker shade of blue-gray. The use of lapel ornaments to supplement rank insignia imparts a Germanic flavor. Rank insignia, worn in gold on dress uniforms and light blue on all others, resemble those of the navy. However, the FACh emphasizes its status as the world's fourth oldest independent military air arm with its own peculiar rank designations. A captain is referred to as capitán de bandada, a major as comandante de escuadrilla, and a lieutenant colonel as comandante de grupo. The terms coronel de aviación, general de brigada aérea, general de aviación, and general del aire are used for colonels, major generals, lieutenant generals, and generals, respectively. Various permutations and combinations of the basic blue uniform are worn. Shirtsleeve order is widely used, even for semiformal occasions, in summer and other periods of hot weather. Air crew generally wear black leather flying jackets. Rank insignia are worn on shoulder boards with greatcoat, flying jacket, and shirtsleeve orders. Noncommissioned rank insignia closely follow those of the navy, although army terminology is used. FACh ground troops use the United States Fritz Kevlar ballistic helmet.

Data as of March 1994