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Minor Defense Manufacturers

Several Chilean companies not primarily engaged in the production of military matériel also have dabbled in this field.

Longest established of these is the General Society of Commerce (Sociedad General de Comercio--Sogeco). Founded in 1941, Sogeco did not enter the arms business until 1974. It was initially concerned with the production of bomb trolleys for the FACh. Sogeco also developed the ejection seat for the Pillán and, through its subsidiary Famil, has produced two models of a towed twin 20mm antiaircraft artillery gun, known as the FAM-2 and based on either the Oerlikon KAD 20 or the Hispano-Suiza 820. The firm of Makina, which produces the armored bodies of the Cardoen vehicles, itself developed the Carancho 180, a 4x4 airfield defense armored vehicle, for the FACh. Ferrimar Limitada, a firm engaged mainly in the construction of steel-hulled fishing craft and with no previous experience in the defense field, developed an artillery computer, designated Carmo, a light landing craft, and projects for modularized mobile command centers, in addition to its own Avispa cluster bomb in the mid-1980s. Despite some success on the export market, the Avispa appeared to be out of production in 1992, following litigation with Cardoen, which claimed infringement of copyright. The interest of Ferrimar in the field of military production appeared subsequently to have lapsed.

Data as of March 1994