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Railroads: 4,060 kilometers total; 2,616 kilometers standard gauge (1.435 meters); 1,188 kilometers 1.055-meter gauge; 256 kilometers 1.000-meter gauge; 300 kilometers electrified; 215 kilometers double track. System carries passengers but used mainly for freight.

Ports: Nine major ports at Algiers, Oran, Annaba, Mostaganem, Arzew, Bejaļa, Skikda, and Jijel. Three largest ports handled 71 percent of traffic in 1991.

Roads: More than 90,000 kilometers total; 58,868 kilometers paved; 31,163 kilometers gravel, crushed stone, or unimproved earth. Network unevenly distributed, more developed in northern coastal region; south served by limited number of national roads, mainly trans-Saharan highway.

Airports: International airports at Algiers, Oran, Annaba, and Constantine; more than 100 secondary and minor airfields, fifty-three with permanent surface runways.

Telecommunications: High-capacity radio-relay and coaxial cable trunk routes linking all major population areas along northern coast. Sahara linked by satellite ground stations to major population centers. Extensive international service based on satellite and submarine coaxial cable transmissions. Some international broadcasts received but domestic broadcast facilities sparse; only larger populated places receive television and radio.

Data as of December 1993