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Formal Name: Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros.

Short Name: Comoros.

Term for Citizens: Comorans (or Comorians).

Capital: Moroni.

Date of Independence: July 6, 1975 (from France).


Size: Variously given as 1,862 to 2,170 square kilometers.

Topography: Archipelago consists of four main islands, all of volcanic origin. Njazidja (Grande Comore), the largest, has two volcanoes with a plateau connecting them; its thin soil cannot hold water. Nzwani (Anjouan) has three mountain chains and deeper soil cover. Mwali (Mohéli), the smallest, has central mountain chain and some rain forest. Mahoré (Mayotte) continues its relationship with France and is not included as part of Comoros.

Climate: Marine tropical, with two seasons: hot and humid from November to April, with northeastern monsoon and possible cyclones; rest of year cooler and dryer. Average annual rainfall 2,000 millimeters.

Data as of August 1994